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Even if it sees globally, as for French wine, the quantity of production and the amount of export have fought with Italy for the top's post. The quality of the wine produced on the average is high, and it is truly in the highest level. It is also the feature of France wine that the outstanding wine which has individuality for every district is built, and the wine of various styles can be enjoyed. If it results in the amount of annual consumption, it ranks 1st in the world for the national character which drinks wine instead of water. The main producing districts are famous for the Bordeaux district, the Burgundy district, the Champagne district, a Loire valley district, a Cotes du Rhone district, the Alsace district, the Provence district, a Languedoc-Roussillon district, and a southwest district.

Since 300km of north and south is reached, on south and the north, climates differ sharply. in the Burgundy district, division possession of the field is carried out in many cases by two or more Domaine (a yuan -- coming -- although it is a territorial meaning, the owner of a vineyard is pointed out here.), and in such Domaine, since even cultivation, distillation, and bottling are performed consistently, the individuality of Domaine has come also out of the same field name. The main producing districts are the Beaujolais areas where the fruity red wine with which the flavor of a grape is fragrant is produced. The Maconnais area where the fresh and fresh wine built with Chardonnay is produced. The Cote Chalonnaise area where the good red wine of the taste of a Pino noir subject is produced. The Cote do Bone area where quiet red wine and good white wine are produced. The Cote de Nuits area which produces quality riped type red wine. The Chablis area which produces delicate dry taste white wine is famous.

It is located 150km northeast of Paris, and is north most as a wine place of production in France. Only the sparkling wine built in the Champagne district can declare itself champagne, and Pino noir 、 Pino MUNIE and three sorts of use of Chardonnay are allowed. The fizz wine of France other than champagne is called vin mousseux, and can be tasted at a handy price.

Loire river flows the France central part, its full length is long No. 1 in France, and the Loire district is located in a whole coast. Solar energy was received warmly in summer and it is blessed with climate and soil in winter. The main producing districts are the Nantes areas with many places which are growing Muscadet strong against frost damage since it is north as cultivation of a grape. The Anjou & Saumur area where white wine and fizz wine are also popular although rose wine has more than a half. Good white wine and fizz wine are built and the Chinon Village is famous for the Touraine area which has produced the red wine representing a Loire district especially.

It is an area covering 200km of north and south along the France southeast part and the Rhone valley. The main producing districts are the northern coat Loti area which produces wine with forcible substance, a Crozes Hermitage area, a Hermitage area, and a Coteaux du Tricastin area. a spy hard [ the long southern part of daylight hours ] -- Gigondas and Chateanneuf du Pape which produce wine are famous.

It is located near the France northeast part and the German border. It is grown in the area of 100km of north and south inserted into the Rhine river and the Vosges mountain range. Since France-wine is distilled based on the kind currently grown in Germany, the wine with which German wine is just a little bit different is made, and 95% of the whole is white wine. By the technique gathered since pick later cultivation is taken and a grape is ripened enough, the wine of a thick and rich scent is made and it is popular.

It is located in Cote d'Azur whole [ from Marseilles to Nice ]. The main producing districts are palette areas which consist of soil calcic with the small cultivation background in a round valley. The cassis area which produces the soft dry taste wine of acidity in the area where a vineyard spreads in the shape of stairs around a small harbor. The van gold area which produces the wine for digestion. There is also much cultivation of a flower etc. and it is famous for the bell area of the small cultivation ground surrounded by the flower garden.

It is applied and located in the Spain border from the area along the shore of a subterranean Kainan part. It is the world's largest producing district which amounts to 310,000ha or more. Especially a langue dock plain can see the scenery of the sea of a vineyard. 1/3 of the table wine of France is produced.

It is located in the southwest area in France from the eastern Bordeaux district to the foot of the Pyrenees. A vineyard is divided into two, the Garonne, and the valley of the branch and the foot of the Pyrenees. The wine of the type similar to Bordeaux is also distilled increasingly at the Garonne valley in recent years. The main producing districts are famous for substance with it, the Cahors area where "black wine" with the individuality to which it clarified is produced, the Basque area and a Beam area, and a Perigord area. [ there is much tannin and sufficient ]



The grape place of production in Germany is located within the limits of north latitude 47 - 52 degrees, and its daylight hours are short because of a cold district. In this latitude neighborhood in Japan, it is the northern limit of grape cultivation around Soya Strait. The wisdom in character with a German and the outstanding technology were applied, and creativity is put. For example, it is use etc. about the heat of sunlight which builds a vineyard on the south slope facing a river, and is reflected in a surface of a river in order to stabilize the temperature of day and night. The main producing districts are the Rhine Hesse districts which produce forcible Ajika's wine. halbtrocken district which makes the wine which there is much quantity of production, it is mellow, and is substantial. The Rhaingau district which produces many high-class wine which has a rich fruits taste and has fresh acidity. The Moselle Saar louver district where strong acidity makes the wine of the feature is famous.



since Italy is blessed with warm Mediterranean climate -- almost -- a fat person all over the districts -- how -- cultivation is carried out. Climate differs from soil for every area, and the type of wine of Italy long to north and south like boots is also variegated. The main producing districts are famous for the place-of-production Toscana state of the red wine which a gently-sloping hilly country spreads and is known as a mass-production ground of wine, is located in a leading Veneto state or the foot in the Alps by production and sale of quality wine in Italy, spreads in the State of Piedmont where many typical red wine article kind Nebbiolo of Italy is grown, and the hilly country which is rich in change, and can be located in a line in the State of Piedmont, and the shoulder.



Spain is the country which the sunlight of Nankoku poured and was blessed for grape cultivation. Although the quantity of production is the 3rd in the world, the planted area is the 1st in the world. It is comparatively cheap and a hit is one of the wine which there is, feels easy about a gap and can be bought. [ little ] They are the Rioja area of an Ebro district, the Navarre area, and a La Mancha area as a place of production which makes the red wine built with Garnacha of a grape kind, and Tempranillo, and the white wine which has a flavor by the dry taste. The northeast part, the Catalonia district of the Mediterranean coast which produce Cava. The Jerez district which produces sherry wine is famous.


United States

The United States is the 6th wine production country in the world. In recent years, wine structure prospers also in Pacific coast northwest part 3 state except California (Oregon, Washington, collection of Idaho). The main producing districts are Sonoma which produces many central Napa Valley and high-class wine in the history of U.S. in the North coast area of California. although before was taken by the ground unsuitable for grape cultivation, technology various in recent years introduces -- having -- a condition fat person good now -- how -- the central coast whose cultivation is possible. It is Central Valley which is land like the climate where it is north and south long and hot in a southern area, and a desert, and is growing by choosing possible land as grape cultivation in severe conditions. Willamette Valley which spreads between the mountain ranges in Oregon except California. Washington which occupies 80% also has famous production of white wine.



Chili is the optimal ground for being located in southern Nishi of the South American Continent, and it being influenced of an ocean current by Mediterranean climate, a cool sea breeze blowing, and the melted snow of the Andes moistening a vineyard, and growing a good grape. Although history is comparatively short to wine structure, it is wine which the merit of quality and the handiness of a price also have in every country in the world in recent years, and is capturing the spotlight. The main producing districts are Maipo Valley of the oldest wine production area in Santiago. Local Rapel Velley of the central part which produces high-quality wine. The area of the southern part which produces the wine of top-class quality, and Maule Valley are famous.



Australia is sufficient sunlight, moderate rainfall, and the ground blessed with grape cultivation called fertile soil, and has the harvest of the good grape stabilized every year. since it is in the Southern Hemisphere, the harvest term of a grape consists of February around May, and green wine ships to a summer -- having -- summer - it is said that it is also nouveau. Although the table wine which can be drunk handy was in use until now, in spite of producing to what equals the quality articles of Europe and not filling 2% of the whole world with quantity of output in recent years, popularity is under sudden rise. The main producing districts are famous for new South Wales state Hunter Valley which makes many South Australia states of the wine quantity of output which occupies 60% of whole Australia, States of Victoria which make high-quality table wine, especially white wine.


Republic of South Africa

Although warm irrigation was in the Republic of South Africa and it was grown only regionally until now, development of a cool new area is also progressing. The vineyard which spreads in front of a desolate rocky mountain is also called "most beautiful wine place of production in the world." After the economic sanctions to apartheid are eased in 1994, the wine which export increased rapidly and was overabundant at home is insufficient. The main producing districts are Stellenbosch in a southern cape state, and have the brewery of the 5th scale in the world.



By the climate and suitable for the rich ground and grape cultivation being in Argentine, although full equipment of a system etc. was based on home consumption about whole potential power to attention and before, it is exporting quality wine. Since climate is stable, it is the feature that the quality for every vintage has little variation. what buys it and can be drunk immediately -- a harvest is gathered, five years - six years drink, and there are many things at the time, especially evaluation of red wine is high. The main producing districts are famous for the promising Rio Negro centering on Mendoza area of foot of the Andes east side Negro area as a place of production of white wine.



Climate has little precipitation at continentality, since it is close to Germany, taste is also alike and Austria produces fruity white wine. Although white wine becomes main, the red wine which occupies 20% of cultivation area has also obtained evaluation. A very high-quality thing is in dessert wine. Grape cultivation is carried out even in capital Vienna, and November 11 is the removal-of-the-ban day of the green wine called Horiige every year. the main producing districts -- Czechoslovakia from the outskirts of eastern part Vienna, and the Hungary border -- applying - a Nida ester Raihi area and a Buruge land area are famous.



As main producing districts, the State of British Columbia of the Pacific Ocean southwest part is famous. The State of British Columbia of Canada has severe dryness, and it is the climate where it is hot in the daytime and cool at night. Therefore, the strong wine of the flavor which stopped firm acidity is made. Winter of Ontario is severe and change of climate is sometimes received.



It is warm in Greece at Mediterranean climate in winter, and it is dry and daylight hours are about 3,000 hours per year in summer. A crop may be influenced by the wind from the sea. Although it is the soil which became thin qualitatively of grit, since drainage is good, it is suitable for grape cultivation. moreover, the soil of land -- a volcanic rock fat person -- how -- cultivation is performed comparatively at high ground. The main producing districts are a northern part, the central part, and a western Greece area. The Thessaly area, Crete, and Peloponnesos are famous. Especially Crete and Peloponnesos form 50% or more of the total quantity of production.



Czechoslovakia disassembled Slovakia in 1993 and Slovak Republic was established. Future development is expected from privatization and a foreign country by investment. White wine has high evaluation and the wine of the Tokaji style is built in the zone which adjoins Tokaji.


New Zealand

Also in the wine place of production in the world, are warm and especially New Zealand is said for air to be clear. The annual amount of gross products is 50,000kl, and the one part has obtained evaluation high as premium wine. Although white wine was a subject, it was begun to also produce the red wine which to evaluation. Compared with other places of production, the digestion period of a grape is long, and since wooden slack is performing digestion or fermentation, wine with a more complicated taste has been made. The main producing districts are the North land of North Island, Gisborne, and Hawks Bay. Marlboro of Nanto which has produced the high-quality wine by Riesling is famous.



It is hot in Hungary in summer to a continental climate soon, and cold in it in winter. In main wine places of production, normal temperature is a little somewhat as low as 10 degrees C - 12 degrees C. Although the wine which the Magyar fellows (people from Hungary) like originally was the hot-blooded type carried out massively, Europe-wine came to be produced as wine became the main exports of Hungary and the capital of West Europe entered. The main producing districts are famous for the Tokaji district near the Slovakia border, and the northern Eger district the whole Balaton northern coast. Especially a Tokaji district is the place of production of one world 3 size wine and Tokaji Aszu Essencia Xia on a par with Chateau d'Yquem of France, and Trocken beereb auslese of Germany.



The wine distillation business of Brazil is presenting vigor by having planted the kind with new Brazil. France and the Italy capital are invested and equipment is also improving. Of course, as for export, the growth of home consumption is also expected. The main producing districts are the Frontera areas contiguous to Argentina and Uruguay. The Recife suburbs which can gather a harvest 5 times in two years are famous for Sierra Gausha which produces the fizz wine of the Italy style, and an Amazonis and near the equator.



Bulgaria is influenced from the Black Sea, and it is hot in it in summer, and it is the Mediterranean climate to dry. Cultivation area is about 150,000ha. The wine built with Mavuruto can be laid down for 20 years, and it is said that it is the best wine in this country. The main producing districts are the Danube Hirahara area, a Suturuna Valley area, the Black Sea coast area, a Rhodes Velley area, and the Thrace Hirahara area.



Portugal is the country where the difference of temperature of day and night is intense at high temperature in summer. Since it is rainy, there is also a place which is performing grape cultivation of a shelf type. Although Portugal had produced many dry red wine which Portuguese like since it consumed most wine at home, it also came to produce the red wine for export with affiliation of EU. The main producing districts are the Dan district which produces digestion type red wine, and a Vinyo Verute district which already produces drinker type white wine. The Madeira island which produces Madeira wine. The Douro district (it is also called the Porto district.) which produces port is famous.


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